Needle Free Filler Facial

Needle Free Filler Facial Treatment | $125 + | Series recommended

V Beauty House is excited to offer a Korean Beauty FACIAL treatment that has debuted in the US. Sculplla the latest non-invasive anti-aging wrinkle fighting facial, a topical treatment, non-invasive filler alternative. The treatment buzz started this year after an article by Harper Bazaar was plublished.

So how does it do all of this as a topical treatment? Sculplla is applied topically as a facial serum that drives the active ingredient called Polyc L Lactic (the same ingredient you'll find in the dermal fill Sculptra) into the top layer of your skin to plump wrinkles. Sculplla treatments can also incorporate a diffusion process to spread it deeper through the surface layers of the skin for more aggressive activation.

There’s no downtime, except avoiding water and sweat for 12 hours, and the results are cumulative.  One treatment can last for six weeks and a series of three treatments done a week apart can last for five months. For best results, use with Caviplla Multi Serum & the Sculplla Stem-Cell Mist (available for purchase at V Beauty House).

Treatment is safe, non-injectable that stimulates your skin to make its own collagen, resulting in firmer, tighter, plumper, and smoother skin.